Jason Dudek

Jason Dudek

Professional Guide & Tournament – Tonka Bay, MN


Short Description of Who You Are, And What You’re Known For:

  • I live and breathe fishing, everything I do has something to do with fishing.

Favorite Jean Style and Why

  • B. Tuff Monster Mike Jean
    • Super Comfortable

Favorite Performance Memory:

  • Finishing 10th in a National Tournament called the Bassmaster Opens

If A Movie Was Made of Your Life, What Genre Would It Be, And Who Would Play You?

  • Action/Sylvester Stallone

What Is Your Favorite Disney Movie?

  • John Carter

Favorite Meal:

  • Joey Nova’s Pizza

All-Time Favorite Movie:

  • Tombstone

Best Advice You Ever Received and Who Gave It

  • Take life one run at a time!
    • From my high school football coach

Must– Have Road Trip Food

  • Combos

Favorite Pet

  • Dog


Favorite Thing(s) To Do with Your Free Time:


  • Fish, workout and make fishing stuff like jigs and accessories.



Favorite Place of All The Places You Have Visited:

  • Kauai it’s amazing !