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Susie McEntire

Christian Singer – Atoka, OK


Short Description of Who You Are, And What You’re Known For:

  • Family of Rodeo competitors “McEntires” G Pop John, Father Clark, Sister Alice, Brother Pake, Sister Reba. Sons: E.P. Luchsinger and Samuael Luchsinger Rodeo. Then, singers out of Rodeo. I am younger sibling who chose a route toward Christian Roots Music.

Cowgirl Tuff Favorite Jean Style and Why

  • CTC Higher Rise Boot Cut Jeans
    • Overall good wear

Cowgirl Tuff Performance Memory:

  • 2022 Grand Ole Opry Performance Solo!!

If A Movie Was Made Of Your Life, What Genre Would It Be, And Who Would Play You?

  • Documentary about domestic abuse – pray women would wake up. Reba

What Is Your Favorite Disney Movie?

  • Cinderella

Favorite Meal:

  • Steak//Potato//Salad

All-Time Favorite Movie:

  • Gone With the Wind

Best Advice You Ever Received and Who Gave It

  • When you don’t know what to pray, just say Thank You Jesus!
  • Grandma Smith

Must– Have Road Trip Food

  • Fig Newtons and Coffee

Favorite Pet

  • My 4 outside cats


Favorite Thing(s) To Do with Your Free Time:

  • Lately my new thing is to chill. After covid, I was so used to going it took me a long time not to think I needed to pack, drive, fly, sing and repeat. I’ve been able to be more involved with our church (Mark pastors) and our community (lots of music in our town.

Favorite Place of All The Places You Have Visited:

  • Nepal with my husband Mark – climbed (Hiked) the Annapurna Basecamp
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