Sawyer Gilbert

Sawyer Gilbert

Breakaway Roper – Buffalo, SD


Current Highlights:

  • Finished Top 20 in the World

2023 Horses Names

  • Roger
  • Hollywood
  • Ava
  • Cammi

Never Give Up Competition Memory

  • I was Puyallup Washington at the NFR Playoff series, and I had a tough calf drawn that no one was clean on yet. I had to have a clean time to advance. I ended up tracking the calf around the backside of the arena to get a clean shot at him. I was a 7 second run, it wasn’t pretty, but it was good enough to advance.

Favorite Event

  • Cheyenne PRCA Rodeo

Cowgirl Tuff Favorite Style

  • Breathe Pullover Buttons

Cowgirl Tuff Favorite Jean and Why

  • All Cowgirl Tuff Dark Wash Jeans
    • Can’t beat a pair of Dark Wash Jeans

Favorite Meal

  • Didn’t respond with an answer.

Favorite Movie

  • Didn’t respond with an answer.

Best Advice You Ever Received and Who Gave It

  • There is such a thing as trying to hard, sometimes when things are not going your way you just have to sit back and remember why you love it and why it is fun.
  • Didn’t respond with an answer.

Best – Have Road Trip Food

  • Chewing Gum

Favorite Pet

  • Didn’t respond with an answer.


AHAH Moment In Your Life

  • Didn’t respond with an answer.

Favorite Drill to Keep Your Horse in Shape

  • My Favorite Drill is Long trot exercises outside of the arena, I feel like it gets horses in great shape while freshening up there mind outside of the arena fence.