Behind the Scenes  at the Latest  Cowgirl Tuff Photo Shoot

Posted by Lisa Bollin on Feb 19th 2021

Behind the Scenes at the Latest Cowgirl Tuff Photo Shoot

1- Location:  Maricopa, AZ where the weather was spectacular! The sun shines on average 300 days a year!

2- Models:  Skylar is the brunette who is a wicked young barrel racer, is an endorse on our #TuffTeam & loves crispy french fries!  Kalli is the giggly, fun-loving blonde who also runs a fast barrel pattern!  Kalli's mom modeled for us in the very early days of Cowgirl Tuff Company (which means yes, we've been around for 20+ years now) and it was Kalli's birthday during the shoot so we celebrated with ice cream, her favorite!

3- How do we choose models? We mostly select endorsees from our #TuffTeam because they live the lifestyle and the brand. Occasionally, we have opportunities for loyal fans and customers to send us photos and depending on timing and location of our shots, it sometimes works out.

4- We used five horses in this shoot; four young colts, and one finished barrel horse.  Two of them are mine.. Spirit & Mater. The other three are Skylar's personal horses, Gigi, Petey, and Annie.

5- We don't use outside photographers or marketing firms. Everything is done in-house with our Branding Marketing Team ..who are the BEST, in my opinion, because they live it, get it and CARE!

6- I'm very much personally involved. I'm the director, the stylist and the primper for every shot. I've personally shot thousands of my own pictures since 1999. In this shoot, we had Heidi on the main camera, Jacob videotaping, Sherry with reflectors (as they are a must), and even I shot some with my Samsung note 10+ which I love seeing instantly so I can direct the next shot.

7- This is when gratification from months of designing comes to life. My passion is so alive at our photo shoots!

8- Food highlights:  We ate two BIG bags of licorice during the two shoots (a must have on my shots), drank a LOT of water, had wraps for lunch, and the best brussels sprout appetizer two nights in a row!

9- I'm super excited for everyone to see my favorite outfit!! The NEW Pullover Dark Denim Stretch Button-Up paired with our NEW Breathe Dark Denim Wide Leg Trousers with two sleek cellphone pockets.