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Work Hard Play Hard Pants

Work Hard Play Hard Pants

Posted by Lisa Bollin on Dec 8th 2021

Do you hate being COLD like I do? I used dread winter because I would always have to put on so many layers that I could hardly move, first layer long johns then jeans and then either stiff coveralls or crunchy snow pants. That’s it, I had HAD it! I had been frustrated my whole life growing up in bitter cold of Minnesota I knew what I wanted to design. So after months of development, I finally got to test out our new STRETCH (very important) Microfiber (water resistant VITAL) and amazing soft fiber lined to keep WARM! I have to admit I was WOW’D from the moment I slipped them on! I marched out into the cold with just them on …no more layers…and put them to the test!

*Water splashing from the buckets of water on my pants, ROLLED OFF! CHECK!

*Filled my hay bags and no hay stuck to me! CHECK!

*Cleaned 5 stalls in 10 degrees…WARM! CHECK!

*Didn’t’ bag out after hrs of being in the barn! Check!

*Rode in them.. Yes in the cold as I had to know before we put them on the market. Comfortable to RIDE IN! CHECK!

I decided to call them Work Hard Play Hard because that is exactly what you can do in them! Get dirty working -hose them off, Play on the 4 wheeler getting muddy -hose them off or you can honestly even dress them if you are cold blooded and no one will even know they are work pants. Bonus many customers rave about how sleek and slenderizing they are! This is by far one of my best designs ever as I feel so gratified by how much people love them that they wanted more choices! So we just added new this season new colors, features and items to the Work Hard Play Hard Collection

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